End of Eden – A Short Film by Ian Slater & Micah Caldwell

A short horror movie. Written and produced by Ian Slater, directed by Micah Caldwell, starring Courtney Hart, and set in West L.A.

Eden brings her small town goodness with her to the streets of Los Angeles. She gets a job at a local movie theatre and makes a few easy friends. But wherever Eden goes, she sees a man watching her. He's a homeless man. They all look the same, her friend Ben tells her, nothing to be worried about. Eden's fear consumes her. She smells the man's sewer sickened breath around every corner. Leaving work one winter's night, Eden spots the homeless man. He begins to follow her. She seeks refuge in a misplaced saloon with a strange bartender and a trio of douche bags. The boys trap her in the dark corner of a parking lot, and what happens next is something even the savviest of city dwellers would not have expected.

Produced by

Tom Dupee ... executive producer
Ian Slater ... producer

Cinematography by

Joel Ahrens
JP Cordero

Film Editing by

Ian Slater